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Posted on November 29, 2012 by Camilla Hjerl

Sharin Foo
From the countryside of Djursland in Denmark via the metropolitan cities of Copenhagen-London-New York City, Sharin is now residing in Los Angeles. A jet-setting musician and second half of Danish Rock duo The Raveonettes, she has traveled the 7 continents of the world extensively (except for Antarctica) for both business and pleasure. Playing music, spotting trends, enjoying The Arts and striking up conversation around the globe. A quarter Chinese, an epicurian sensualist, a wine aficionado, a family person. Rock’n’roll! 

Camilla Hjerl
From Copenhagen, Denmark to Venice, Los Angeles Camilla Hjerl has always enjoyed and favored design, architecture, food and art. She is educated as an Architect, but known for her skills as a graphic designer, a passionate art collector, and a great chef among friends. Camilla has a good eye for art and design and an ability to direct them further. Loves to spend time with close friends developing new ideas and eating homemade food.

How did you meet each other?
First time we met was at a restaurant in Hollywood through Camilla’s husband Henrik who was considering Sharin for a role in his short film.

Why HURRA! What does it mean?
It’s Danish, positive, enthusiastic and celebratory. It’s the perfect description of the excitement and energy in the room when the two of us sit down and share ideas and thoughts about the Arts, Denmark¨, Food and Life.

What are you doing now?
Sharin: En route to Montreal to play a show at the Osheaga Festival. Just above Salt Lake City as we speak.
Camilla: Just had some friends over for dinner after a nice bike ride.

What is your favorite thing from Denmark?
Sharin: Salty liquorice. Fresh organic danish dairy products: Milk, cream, butter, cheese and kærnemælks koldskål!!
Camilla: Autumn apples from Fejø, rødgrød med fløde, clean air and drinkable water from the tap!

Things you’d bring on a desert island.
Sharin: My daughter and my husband.
Camilla: My family, friends, dog and books.

What’s your favorite Danish scent?
Sharin: Home baked rolls, rye bread or vanillekranse in the oven. The scent of Lilacs in May announcing that spring is in the air. 
Camilla: The smell of caprifolium, pine and ocean on a Summer night.

What do you offer your guest?
Sharin: Really good coffee (Intelligentsia) and something home baked (Chocolate & Quinoa Muffins). Or really good Wine (My favorite at the moment is this Pinot Noir from Austria called Becker) and something home cooked (slow cooked Osso Buco recipe by Mario Batali).
Camilla: I’m on vacation in Denmark, so at the moment I make different kinds of Danish food with local vegetable, fruit, and fish. Recently I did some amazing spelt berries pancakes with apples and rysteribs (currents with sugar) on the side.

What’s next for you?
Sharin: I wish for a relaxing vacation and world domination. A bit of a juxtaposition I suppose.
Camilla: Can’t tell, but Wednesday August 8th you’ll know :)

What are you reading now?
Sharin: I just bought “Less Is More - Minimalism in Fashion” and brought it with me on my travels. More of looking at pictures than reading the text at this point.
Camilla: I have a pile of newly bought Danish books and magazines. The top one is a new guide to Copenhagen where employees from Noma - world’s best restaurant - has picked their favorite neighborhood.

How do people see you?
Sharin: In Hainan where my grandfather Sing Foo was from, people on the streets used to exclaim “dwa!” when they saw me. It means big.
Camilla: A Danish artist named Thomas FOS once told a friend of mine and I that we both had flat faces!

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